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July 31, 2007

Late July Update (more images!)

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I have 3 new image galleries since my last news post.  I’ve uploaded Days 6 & 7 from my late June Chase Trip as well as images from my June 19th chase in Southwest Kansas — an incredible HP supercell!  Click "Latest Images!" above. In other news… I’m in the process of changing a few subtle things on the site.  In my gallery, I’m using new custom-made frames for my albums and images, I kinda like the new look myself :)   Also, I’m upgrading my blog to the latest WordPress version (2.2.1).  I’m hoping to somehow integrate my blog posts to my underthemeso.com frontpage instead of using this "news" feature.  It seems redundant to post to the news page and also the blog… try to kill two birds with one stone :)  

New images! (Late June Chase Trip)

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I have four new albums of images within my "Late June Chase Trip" album.  These albums contain images from chases on June 21, 22, 24, 25 — including Bassett, NE supercell… Chadron, NE supercell… Roundup/Forsyth, MT supercell… and the incredible LP Supercell that rolled east-southeast from Lightning Flat to Colony, WY.  I still have a few more albums to upload from the latter half of the chase trip, but these days were less spectacular for storms. 

July 13, 2007

First Images with “Lightning Trigger”

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Early morning at like 6:30am on July 11th near Ransom, KS… but there was enough ambient light to consider these "daytime" shots. The first test with the Lightning Trigger device on my Nikon D200 was a very successful one.

Both of these images were shot at 27mm, F/7.1 @ 2.5 seconds, ISO 100 with the shutter electronically triggered by the lightning flash:

July 10, 2007

Storm Chase July 9: Northwest OK storm structure

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I decided to chase on July 9th since a potential target for severe storms was somewhat close to my route home in either far south-central KS or northwestern OK.  I targetted the area between Woodward, OK and Anthony, KS.  The storms weren’t all that spectacular, but one small storm was rather photogenic near Cheyenne Valley along US Highway 412 in northern Major County along the Cimarron River (near the Gloss Mountain State Park).  This particular storm did reveal decent overall rotation, but given its size, I don’t think it was severe.  I was in a data network black-hole… there is no Alltel coverage (or even Sprint or Verizon for that matter) in a lot of Northwest Oklahoma…still… so I had to rely on old-school tactics (really the way it should be)… using my eyes only to make decisions on where to go next.  The strongest storms of the day were near the Oklahoma City metro area, but I decided not to go down there.  It was still a fun little chase… I really wanted to try out my lightning shutter trigger device on my Nikon D200 (www.lightningtrigger.com), but I saw maybe 2 cloud-to-ground lightning flashes the entire chase!  Oh well 




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