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September 27, 2008

Busy times!

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I haven’t posted much on my blog lately.  This is largely due to the fact that I haven’t gone out and photographed much of anything recently due to distractions from various projects and such outside of photography.  A few weeks ago I gave a presentation in Hays, KS at the 12th High Plains Conference on the 23 May 2008 KS tornado outbreak.  The remainder of this month has been pretty busy for me as well with the start of bowling season (Tuesday and Wednesday nights), working shift (duh!), and finding that extra bit of time on days off working on a Severe Local Storms Conference paper on the Greensburg tornado with Les Lemon.  The deadline for submitting our manuscript is 20 October, and we have a ton of material to try to cram into a 3 MB-size PDF paper.  It’s 27 September now and we still have quite a bit of work to do.  It should prove to be an interesting read — which will lay the foundation, we hope, to a much more thorough paper we plan to submit to the refereed literature sometime in the future.  

It has been a very quiet late summer/early autumn severe weather wise.  As a matter of fact, even if there is a decent severe weather event around here between now and the end of October, I doubt I’ll find time to chase.  The end of October, for that matter, I will be in Savannah, GA (Sunday 26th to Friday 31st) for the SLS Conference.  Related to photography, I will be giving two presentations on my storm photography during the week of 5 October.  On Sunday the 5th, I will be in Lawrence, KS giving a morning hour-long presentation at the Consortium of College and University Media Centers 2008 Annual Conference.  On Thursday the 9th, I’ll be giving an evening presentation on my photography at the Central Kansas Photography Club in Great Bend at 7:30pm.  

What else?  Oh yeah, there are a couple of Lead Forecaster jobs available that I’m interested in.  I’ve already been interviewed for one (the vacancy here in Dodge City) with a selection expected in days,  and if I am unfortunate to not get that job, then I have my eyes set on another vacancy that opened up north of here.  Quite a bit north of here.  :)    So stay tuned.  

Since I did not shoot a single click of the shutter during the month of September, the October photo of the month will be a favorite from the past.   I’ll upload that in a couple days.  I probably won’t be out shooting much in October either, but in November, I hope to make up for it with fall migration peaking at Quivira NWR.

September 8, 2008

UTM Photo of the Month — September 2008

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Once again I am a little tardy in getting the latest image-of-the-month updated, but here it is!

Mammatus-filled eastern sky in the wake of a summer supercell across Southeast Colorado

Landscape photographers are always in search of that perfect "goldenhour" light. Much is the same for storm photography. The saturated softlight offered by the setting sun greatly enhances the mood of a scene,and when a dramatic sky is added to the mix, it can be an almostspiritual experience. After a big High Plains storms at sunset,photography opportunities are many times limitless. Details of thisimage: Nikon D3 body, 14mm focal length, 1/1600s @ f/5, ISO 400.Photographed August 12, 2008 during a southeastern Colorado storm chase.


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