Bosque del Apache Day 1 - January 21
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Mon, 21 Jan 2013 23:56:50 -0700
Bosque del Apache Day 1 - January 21
Wildlife at Bosque (Day 1)
21 January 2013
*I* arrived in Bosque del Apache early in the afternoon. This first day of
shooting was much better than expected -- a success all around. I started
my shoot traveling the South Loop where I photographed some Pintails, a
Northern Shoveler, Mallards. I then came across some mule deer, including
one buck. The buck was quite active, as I photographed him doing an antler
rub on a tree branch. Then he started playing around with a couple of
does. I then headed north as the sun was getting lower, and it was time to
focus on the light geese and Sandhill Cranes. After initially
photographing some in flight shots near the Farm Deck, I headed to the
shore of the west pool just north of the Flight Deck. This was where the
fly-in was occurring. The geese and cranes were very tolerant of the
growing crowd of photographers and bird watchers. The scenes prior to and
at sunset were just awesome.

*I* shot 1359 frames today... all on the D7000 and with the 600mm f/4 lens.
3 of those frames are included in this post of Sandhill Cranes. Enjoy!
More to come later! -Mike



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