(24 June 2011)
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About This Shoot
Date: 24 June 2011
Location: East-central Wyoming to the Nebraska Panhandle from Casper, WY to south of Scottsbluff, NE
Shoot Type: Storm Chase
Jay and I intercepted the first storm of the day near Casper, WY early in the afternoon, following it toward Douglas and eventually farther south toward the Guernsey area. I did manage to capture a photogenic lightning flash with Laramie Peak in the background. Later that night, Jay and I photographed lightning illuminated storm structure with the Wildcat Hills escarpment nearby

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24 June 2011

Sat, 25 Jun 2011 10:13:58 -0500
Chase Trip Day 9 (June 24) Summary: Part 1 -- Casper, WY Supercell, Guernsey left split storm, followed by Laramie Peak storms
Summary & Images (part 1)
Jay Antle and I intercepted the first storm of the day as we drove
south out of Buffalo, WY. We met the first storm near Casper and
followed it southeast along I-25 stopping occasionally for
photographs. At Douglas, we decided to continue south as the southern
end of the storm was supercellular and another more linear storm was
beginning to tear off more toward the east and northeast. This
northern storm actually ended up becoming dominant as it rolled east
through Lusk and Harrison (our original target area) and eventually on
into northern Nebraska later in the evening. Other storms forming off
of the southern Laramie Mountains were moving northeast while the
supercell we were following was moving southeast. This interacted
with the southern storms and the process ended up being destructive to
pretty much all convection in terms of supercell structure. A cool
looking left-split storm moved northeast quickly toward Guernsey which
had a pretty white hail core to our southeast. We let all this stuff
try to sort itself out around Guernsey, but it never did and it all
eventually just died. New storms were forming over the Laramie
Mountains near Laramie Peak which caught our eye, so we went back west
to the interstate at Dwyer Junction. We drove north a few miles and
stopped to watch one of the storms roll off Laramie Peak. The
cloud-to-ground lightning was infrequent, but I managed to capture one
of the flashes to the west with Laramie Peak in the background.
Afterwards, we followed this weak storm east as it sputtered along the
way to Torrington and Scottsbluff... where we ultimately called it a
chase and had mexican dinner. While eating, a new supercell formed
just southwest of Scottsbluff, and we took a peak outside every so
often during meal to observe the incoming storm. We drove back to the
motel and watched the storm roll over us with some 1/2" diameter hail
at our motel on the east side of Scottsbluff. Later in the evening,
new storms formed to the west of Scottsbluff which we set out to chase
for lightning photography. See part 2 below.



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Sat, 25 Jun 2011 10:30:17 -0500
Chase Trip Day 9 (June 24) Summary: Part 2 -- Scottsbluff, NE area late night supercells
Summary & Images (part 2)
Jay and I noticed new storms forming west of Scottsbluff at around
10:00pm CDT. We packed up the gear again and set off, first, for just
west of town as we tried our hand at lightning images with the first
storm. It was moving east fairly quickly and we followed it east of
town and let it go east of us. More storms were forming, though, to
our south and also again back to the west. We drove south from
Melbeta through some of the bluffs southeast of Scottsbluff and
stopped for awhile to photograph some nice lightning-illuminated storm
structure of multiple cells oriented west to east to our north.
Mammatus was visible through some of the flashes in the wake of the
first cell in this sequence. More organized storm structure was
photographed through lightning flashes with the bluffs in the
background through about 12:20am CDT. Once the storm structure lost
some of its interest photography-wise, we drove back to Scottsbluff.
This was a fun late-night shoot!








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Sat, 25 Jun 2011 00:41:46 -0500
chase update 1240am. Enjoying awesome late night lightning illuminated storm structure with bluffs in the background south of Scottsbluff, NE

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 22:50:10 -0500
chase update 1050pm. Jay and I are following some lightning storms approaching Scottsbluff... Late Night lightning photography mode until whenever!

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 20:58:12 -0500
Holy uptick! Whats that to the west of scottsbluff! We just sat down for Mexican food. Whoops!
(click on thumbnail for pop-up of larger image)

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 19:41:39 -0500
chase update 740pm cdt. Chase is pretty much over as storms are not materializing in the Torrington/Scottsbluff area. Too stable behind the first big round of storms. Scottsbluff for the night.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 18:32:50 -0500
chase update 630pm cdt. following new storms forming near Laramie Peak. Just captured a beautiful, distant CG lightning flash with Laramie Peak in the background.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 17:27:12 -0500
chase update 525pm cdt. Kind of a mess of storms in southeast Wyoming with storm intercept options not so obvious. we will head back west to I-25 to catch new mountain storms coming east

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 15:25:51 -0500
Shelf cloud approaching Douglas WY
(click on thumbnail for pop-up of larger image)

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 15:24:10 -0500
chase update 322pm. quick gas up here in Douglas then continue south and east. Storm really getting organized to the west and will enter better moisture/instability in a couple hours.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 14:46:16 -0500
Storm trying to organize near Casper WY. Good CAPE ahead of this storm 2000 j/kg
(click on thumbnail for pop-up of larger image)

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 14:23:49 -0500
chase update 223pm cdt. theres a high based storm already moving toward Casper, we can play with it for awhile as it follows us east along I-25 toward Douglas.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 12:12:53 -0500
Chase day 9 (june 24): target of Lusk WY to Harrison NE for more high based Supercell potential