Pampa hailstorm
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Fri, 14 Oct 2011 03:40:19 -0500
Pampa hailstorm
Pampa-Lefors, TX Supercell Summary & Images (part 1)
Pampa-Lefors, TX Supercell
11 October 2011
Pampa hailstorm.  After a hearty lunch in Amarillo and a brief visit to Palo Duro Canyon S.P., I began my chase by heading north back into eastern Amarillo then east on I-40 to Conway.  I was most interested in a cluster of towering cumulus to my north about 20 to 30 miles away.  These towers festered for awhile as I watched from a truck stop at Conway along I-40 and Highway 207.  An echo soon became apparent on radar tied to the healthiest looking updraft tower to my north-northeast, so I drove north toward Panhandle.  This was the birth of the initial hailstorm that went on to affect Pampa.  I followed the storm northeast on Highway 60 toward Pampa, experiencing some pea size hail along the way from Kings Mill to the southwestern portion of Pampa.  I decided to head north just a little bit on the west side of town on Ranch 282 and found a place to observe the onslaught of hail near the intersection of Ranch 282 and Highway 152.  The hail lasted 5 to 7 minutes around 5:45pm or so and covered the ground for a brief period of time with the hail only as large as penny to nickel size at the largest.




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