A formidable wall cloud emerges
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A formidable wall cloud emerges
Pampa-Lefors, TX Supercell Summary & Images (part 4)
Pampa-Lefors, TX Supercell
11 October 2011
About 10 to 15 minutes later, farther south along Highway 70 (probably 12 miles or so south of Pampa), I stopped again to photograph the storm structure to my northeast.  The sun was getting lower and the light was improving (becoming softer).  To my surprise, a big, blocky wall cloud emerged beneath the base of the supercell.  For a moment, the bottom portion of the wall cloud was being illuminated by the sun.  I used a distant farm house to my advantage as a foreground subject to the wall cloud farther back.  The rear flank gust front had a rather striated look to it as it extended a good distance west-southwestward from the wall cloud area.  Time of the following images around 6:45pm:





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