Bosque del Apache Day 6 - January 26 (Evening Shoot)
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Mon, 28 Jan 2013 23:35:26 -0600
Bosque del Apache Day 6 - January 26 (Evening Shoot)
Wildlife at Bosque (Day 6)
26 January 2013
This was probably the most unique shoot of the trip.  Most of the day was filled with poor light due to heavy clouds and scattered rain showers.  Late in the day, there was more sunshine poking through, but not before one last heavy rain shower moved across Bosque del Apache just prior to sunset.  I shot from the Flight Deck and set up at a spot I picked out a couple hours prior based on where the cranes were favoring to land, the approaching flight path, and wind direction for landing.  It was good that there was a south wind because then the birds would be landing with their fronts in the good light.  A fairly robust convective shower moved in and it started raining quite heavily.  I didnt back any rain gear, so I had to use some makeshift cover to protect my gear while it was raining.  I knew the rain would not last all that long, but before the heaviest of the rain hit, I managed to get a few shots in of some of the first incoming cranes. As the storm was beginning to end, a dramatic rainbow filled the eastern sky and the light was improving rapidly.  I grabbed my D700 which had my 24-70mm lens attached to it and I shot away at the amazing rainbow with cranes in the foreground.  After the rainbow waned, I went back to work with the 600mm lens on the Wimberly (after drying it off after getting wet from the rain shower), and got some nice in-flights, portraits, and other various poses in awesome light as the sun hit the water and cranes for a short time before it dipped below the mountains. Then, the clouds on the eastern horizon began to break up just shortly after sunset and the full moon appeared!!  I did not expect this at all, so I quickly went to the car to grab my 80-400mm lens and put it on the Wimberley to grab some wildlife-in-landscape scenes with the full moon and its reflection off the water.  Awesome! 











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