Chase Summary May 19, 2013
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Mon, 20 May 2013 08:32:55 -0600
Chase Summary May 19, 2013
Ponca City after-dark lightning display
19 May 2013
We started the day in Pratt with a broad target in mind from south-central
Kansas down to Oklahoma City. We staged early afternoon in Blackwell, OK,
but the early consensus of the group (myself, Jon Smith, Rob Mitchell,
Mitch and Candice Daszewski) was to head down toward the OKC area. At
Blackwell, though, things started to happen quickly, with two areas to
decide on. Do we blast south toward the towers just west of OKC or do we
hang out where we were at. Long story short, we stayed north despite.
There was some disagreement in this decision. We went west from Blackwell
and intercepted the South Haven storm, somehow missing the brief tornado
that was embedded in some precipitation. We must have been driving south
at the time to get into the updraft region. There was another disagreement
on what to do next... but since we made the early call to stay north, I
wanted to stay up here because I was seeing some signals that perhaps a
non-supercell tornado would occur. Rob, Mitch, and Candice broke off and
they tried to catch one of the dryline tornadic supercells... while Jon and
I stayed north. Neither camps saw any tornadoes. Rob, Mitch, and Candice
ended the day in Tulsa and Jon and I are in Ponca City this morning. We
had a fulfilling mexican dinner and afterwards enjoyed a wonderful
lightning display just southeast of Ponca City. I managed to get some nice
images of that... which ended up being my best shots of the day, ironically

Forecast May 20:
We are leaving soon, before 10am, heading south to the Red River region..
with an early staging location Ardmore, OK. The dryline looks good today
with all the models showing storms developing...even down into North Texas
and perhaps Central TX. We are hoping something goes tornadic along the
Red River.