A sunset in smoke -- Dodge City, KS on 7 June 2011
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Tue, 7 Jun 2011 23:22:46 -0500
A sunset in smoke -- Dodge City, KS on 7 June 2011
A massive wildfire continued to burn out of control and was 0%
contained along the Arizona-New Mexico border. This fire spread a
substantial smoke plume northeast in the prevailing mid and upper
level wind flow toward western Kansas on June 7th. The dense mid and
high level smoke nearly completely blocked out the sun for a short
time period during the afternoon in Dodge City with shadows only
barely discernible. Visibility was reduced to 3 miles at one point
during the afternoon in Dodge City and Garden City. By late afternoon
and evening, the thickest of the smoke moved east toward central
Kansas, but a new wildfire emerged in Las Animas County, Colorado,
likely spawned by a dry thunderstorm from the day before. This fire
sent a thick plume of smoke toward far west-central and southwest
Kansas around sunset. Meanwhile, the massive "Wallow Fire" along the
Arizona-New Mexico border had sent another huge plume of smoke
northeast through central and northern New Mexico, which will no doubt
reach southwest Kansas overnight tonight and into the day on Wednesday
(June 8th). I decided to photograph the setting sun in this unusual
smoky sky. The sunset was rather amazing with no other clouds around.
The red, magenta, and orange color right at sunset where the sun was
setting was rather intense. I found a farmstead to use as a
foreground subject for this shoot about 10 miles north of Dodge City.


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