Images from 10 June 2011 chase in West Texas
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Fri, 10 Jun 2011 22:41:08 -0500
Images from 10 June 2011 chase in West Texas
Here are some images I shot from a fast-approaching outflow dominant
severe storm southwest of Lubbock early in the evening on June 10th.
This was just outside of the small town of New Home with the storm
approaching from the southwest. There was a fairly dark, scalloped
updraft base on the leading edge of the storm, but it quickly became
obscured by a surge of outflow winds and resulting dust. I let the
storm pass me by in the small town south-southwest of Lubbock, as
there was no way to stay ahead of this storm. In time, this storm and
a bunch of other storms coalesced into a big area of storms east of
Lubbock. I was hoping for more isolated redevelopment back to the
west-southwest... but the outflow from the complex was just too fresh
and cold any it killed any new development with cool inflow winds into
the new storms. Once I recognized this was happening, I gave up and
called the chase off in favor of driving north to get into position
for the next day's chase in Colorado.





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