The Great Pumpkin Explosion 2012 -- Pumpkin #2
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Mon, 19 Nov 2012 22:16:41 -0600
The Great Pumpkin Explosion 2012 -- Pumpkin #2
2012 Pumpkin Explosion Summary & Images (part 2)
2012 Pumpkin Explosion
18 November 2012
Here's the second pumpkin, which was actually my pumpkin that weighed in at around 55 pounds.  Again, for this pumpkin 1-lb of Tannerite was used.  Same camera settings used as in Pumpkin #1, except I moved back just a little bit further because the outward projection of the pumpkin fragments were occurring very quickly and I wanted to get a little better pumpkin-to-dirt ejection ratio in the frame.  This was the pumpkin which was fired on just a bit prematurely, so I didn't get the remote trigger shutter for my camera released quite early enough.  The first frame of this sequence of images was an image of the pumpkin about two minutes before being fired upon.





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