Chase Summary May 18, 2013
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Sun, 19 May 2013 09:12:20 -0600
Chase Summary May 18, 2013
Outflow dominant storms near the KS-OK border
18 May 2013
I met up with Jon Smith, Rob Mitchell, and Mitch and Candice Daszewski for
a 3-day chase. Our target area was Greensburg to adjacent far northwest
OK. It largely ended up being a day to forget, as we chose the wrong
storm... opting for a storm farther southwest moving into our target area
versus a storm developing in our target area and eventually exiting it. We
saw the initial, small updraft base with the eventual Kinsley-Rozel
tornadic supercell, but radar was showing a nice uptrend in convection down
in the Laverne, OK area which was moving northeast toward mid-upper 60s
dewpoints. When we got down there, it just ended up being a
northeast-southwest oriented cluster of junk storms with too much cold
outflow. We called off the chase near Freedom, OK. On the way back north,
we stopped briefly, meeting up with JR Henley and Dave Douglas at a small
rest area watching anvil lightning and some mammatus just after sunset. A
small consolation to an otherwise frustrating chase.

May 19 Forecast:
We are in Pratt, KS and are eyeing the Winfield-Ponca City area and perhaps
down toward the Oklahoma City area. There should be a couple decent
supercell storms with tornadoes a strong possibility.

May 20 Forecast:
Southern Oklahoma looks pretty good! The last of this 3-day chase.