Day 14, July 24. Willcox area delivers again!
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Wed, 24 Jul 2013 23:29:18 -0700
Day 14, July 24. Willcox area delivers again!
Willcox & Wilcox Playa Lightning (Day 14)
24 July 2013
Evan and I sat at a location just southeast of Willcox for a solid hour and
a half photographing two storms. The first one over Willcox was prolific
with lightning early on, and I managed to capture a few nice
cloud-to-ground flashes (including the one posted here). A second storm
formed to our southwest which was moving northwest and was a much more
prolific lightning producer for us to photograph. By sunset, this storm
weakened and became less electrical. Unfortunately, we did not end up with
the killer sunset colors like we had hoped, but it was still a fun shoot!