Day 1, Jan 10 -- Houston Arrival
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Sat, 11 Jan 2014 01:02:59 -0600
Day 1, Jan 10 -- Houston Arrival
Texas Bird Photography Trip (Day 1)
10 January 2014
I started the day in Corsicana, TX and made the roughly 3 hour drive to
Houston in the morning. I met up with my friends Mitch and Candice for
lunch -- great mexican restaurant close to where the live called Lupe
Tortilla for some fantastic fajitas and margaritas. After parting ways with
them, I got a hold of a local photographer Chris Elliot whom I met on the
Naturescape.Net forum a couple months back. Since it was already
mid-afternoon, I did not have time to go down to Bolivar Flats for a late
afternoon shoot. Instead, on the suggestion of Chris since it was late and
close, I went to the Kemah boardwalk to check out the Laughing Gulls and
Brown Pelicans. This would be a great place to get some good in-flights of
Brown Pelicans, but the weather was really poor with flat, uninteresting
light due to the clouds and drizzle. I knew ahead of time that this day
was not going to be good for photography, so I did not make any real plans
for this afternoon anyway. I spent maybe 45 minutes there at the Kemah
Boardwalk before heading to Alvin where I will be staying while up here for
a couple days. I posted three images here from the Kemah Boardwalk



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