Structure at twilight near Lake McClellan
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Structure at twilight near Lake McClellan
Pampa-Lefors, TX Supercell Summary & Images (part 8)
Pampa-Lefors, TX Supercell
11 October 2011
I continued east and southeast on Ranch 2477 stopping intermittently along the way to I-40 after sunset to photograph the structure of the supercell off to the east.  There was a left-split storm moving northeast to eventually merge with the main supercell storm, although this ended up being more of a destructive merger (in combination with the fact that instability was rapidly declining with loss of insolation).  When I got to I-40, I continued east to Alanreed and went south on Ranch 291, but by this point, the storm was not photogenic anymore and the rising full moon was in a bad position providing harsh light in the direction of the decaying and departing storm.  All in all, this was one incredible chase for October -- probably the most impressive supercell, structure wise, I have photographed in the month of October.







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