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January 11, 2008

New Year’s Update

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I haven’t posted in the blog in awhile, so I thought I’d give my readers a brief update on things.  I recently got back from an awesome trip to Florida (first time there!) to watch our KU football team give an impressive performance at the Orange Bowl.  I went with my longtime friend and college roommate Jonathan Smith.  I uploaded some photos from the festivities.  What a time!

As you can see from that link above, you may notice this new page/format.  I’ve decided to completely re-structure the way I process, organize, and upload my images now — almost exclusively through Adobe Lightroom.  The main reason for this is to save time.  It was just taking too darn long to meticulously process image after image — it was becoming a drain.  That said, I will always take extra care and time to post-process images of importance.  These carefully processed images will ultimately have a resting spot where my Gallery currently resides.  Over the next year or so, image albums on the Gallery will be transferred to "Collections".   http://www.underthemeso.com/collections.  All new shoots from this point forward (actually since about November 2007) will be accessed through "collections".  All the albums will be linked through this repository of mini blog-like posts and also a handy menu system.  Clicking on the thumbnails of each of these small posts will take you to a Flash album.  Also, by going this route, it also allows me to attach EXIF data to the images, which I’ve been wanting to do.  

What about Gallery now?  Gallery will evolve into my portfolio of sorts.  A "best of".  Thus, Gallery will become much smaller in time as a result.  This is a good thing, actually, because I want Gallery to be the showcase for only my best images whether it be stormscapes, landscapes, or wildlife.  This will be my ongoing 2008 project for Underthemeso.com — this sort of restructuring.  Only once I get this pretty much completed to my liking will I finally set up some sort of online store where folks can order prints directly through Gallery.   

I’m going to be very busy through early April as I will be giving talks about Greensburg at a number of conferences/seminars/etc.  Here’s a list of events I’ll be speaking at:

January 29 @ 6pm CST — Wichita/South Central KS AMS — Wichita, KS
February 16-17 — National Storm Chaser Convention — Aurora, CO
February 23 — Douglas County, KS Advanced Spotter Seminar — Lawrence, KS
March 1 – ‘Storms of 2007′ Showing & Fundraising event — Pratt, KS  (date may change, still tentative/in organization)
March 8 — TESSA National Storm Conference — Colleyville, TX
March 12 – Virginia Emergency Management Conference — Hampton, VA 
March 29 — Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium — Lincoln, NE
April 5 — Great Lakes Meteorology Conference — Valparaiso, IN

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