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January 29, 2010

Southern Plains Winter Storm 2010 Jan 28 [post 17]

Filed under: 2010 Jan 28 — Mike U @ 7:24 pm

A Dumas 287 Bottleneck! After I dug my Jeep out from the Days Inn parking lot, I decided to survey Hwy 287 in and just outside of town, to see what I would be up against tomorrow morning.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Hwy 287 was in halfway decent shape just outside of town to the north… as I drove about 3 miles north of town before I turned around.  Before exiting town, however, I took a couple of journalistic-style photos of huge bottleneck of semis on the south-bound lane of Hwy 287 coming into Dumas from the north.  Hwy 287 in the city limits is a joke right now.  The road is like 2 to 4 inches of very bumpy ice from all the compacted snow.  The plows never really had a chance at 287 in town because there was so much traffic compacting during the storm.  Outside of town in the open areas, the snow either blow off the road during the storm, or it piled up without too much compacting from traffic that plowing was easier.  I feel pretty confident I’ll get back to Dodge City by early afternoon, as I plan to leave very early before sunrise.  I’m allowing myself a solid 6-7 hours travel time tomorrow for what is usually a 3-hour drive from Dumas to Dodge City.  Below is an image of the bottleneck as semis come into the Dumas 287 Ice Rink from the north:


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