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High Plains Drifter

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May 2, 2010

Chase Trip Day Seven (4/30) Summary [19 images]

Filed under: Early Chase Trip 2010,Photography — Mike U @ 1:00 am

No storm day, drive to Clayton, NM photographing scattered showers with landscape of Western Oklahoma Panhandle.

(rest of images at the bottom of this post)

I slept in until noon and got a new tire put on my Jeep first thing.  Cumulus were developing from northeast to southeast, and after I got back home around 1:30pm, I quickly packed things up again, looked at a couple of analysis maps, including the short-fuse composite and 1km visible image, and decided to head east toward Pratt and get closer to the agitated cumulus.  Problem was that the convergence zone was shifting rapidly east to Wichita… and the original focused area of cumulus near Coldwater and Pratt waned with renewed cumulus developing well to the east in the Hutchinson to Newton areas.  I abandoned this jaunt about 30 minutes into the drive after realizing this would be a fool’s errand.

So I started looking at things and decided that I was going to do some hiking in the Caprock Canyons or Palo Duro Canyon the following day since it appeared the next chasing opportunity would be Sunday the 2nd.  I had to head back to Dodge and pick up my hiking shoes though, because in the rush to leave, I forgot to pack my hiking shoes.  I looked at the models one last time and thought that sightseeing/hiking and photographing some of the showers around Capulin Volcano the next day (Saturday 5/1) would be the most interesting thing to me… so that’s what I decided to do.  After I picked up my shoes I set off south toward the western Oklahoma Panhandle.  Showers had developed in the cold air aloft, around -22 to -24C at 500mb, which were producing some nice virga shafts when I reached the Oklahoma Panhandle.  My route took me to Guymon then west to Boise City.  One of the more interesting things photographed was a decaying shower that was elongated east to west in a peculiar wave structure, kind of like Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, but the wavelengths were quite long and didn’t “break” like K-H waves usually do.  It was interesting nonetheless, whatever nomenclature you wish to attach to it!  From Boise City I continued west to the New Mexico line northeast of Clayton and photographed fairly colorful virga/rain/show showers to the distant north from a location between Clayton and Kenton.  I tried to use some foreground subjects to my advantage to enhance the images, like usual.  I also used the circular polarizer for most of my images as well.  Overall, the sunset colors were sub-par given the sun going behind clouds as it was setting after 8:00pm (CDT).

Begin:  Dodge City, KS (home)
End: Clayton, NM
Day Seven Mileage: 346 mi.
Trip Mileage: 3193 mi.

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