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May 7, 2005

Storm Chase – May 7

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Pretty much a bust. I first went after a lame excuse for a small storms in Kiowa and Edwards Co., farther east removed from the dryline convergence. I didn’t like this area because the storms would eventually move east out of the best convergence and instability. Sure enough they croaked as I neared Great Bend. Westward Ho to the dryline. I drove west to Ness City and monitored turkeys for the rest of the chase. I saw enough turkey towers try sooo hard… to last me the rest of the chase season. Short story is I went back and forth on US283 from south of Wakeeney to Ness City up till 8pm.

There were at least two "groupings" of turkeys that had my interest, but never could they do anything… with hardly any bases. Just not enough convergence for the strong near surface speed shear I guess. Of course, when I decide to blow the chase off and drive south back home, one of the clumps of turkeys decided to develop a nice, long flat base. I didn’t think much of it and kept driving.. I should have known better, for about 10 minutes later, I actually had rock-hard towers going well up into the far reaches of the troposphere. I turned around and went back north in hopes of sunset photography with the small Cb. I didn’t quite get the photography I was looking for with nuisance cloud debris between me and the Cb. The storm pretty much croaked just after sunset north of Wakeeney.

I put a few pics on my website here

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