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February 9, 2011

Southwest Kansas Snow Event 2011 Feb 8 [6]

Filed under: 2011 Feb 8 — Mike U @ 12:51 am

7.8″ total snowfall (10:30pm) at my house 5 N Dodge City. As of the time of this blog post, at around 11:40pm CST, light snow continued, but it was beginning to wind down (see radar figure below).  We have been getting roughly 2 to 5 tenths of an inch of snow, per radar analysis, since the last time I measured the snow.  I went out and measured again, but compaction has set in from the prolonged strong northeast winds, so simply measuring snow depths doesn’t really mean the same thing as “snowfall”.  At 6:25pm, I called it 6.3″, so another 1.5″ in that four hour time span is reasonable.  It’s going to be fun photographing these drifts in the morning!  In the meantime, I have attached some nighttime images of some of the drifting between my house and the neighbor’s house on my south side.  The northeast winds caused fairly substantial drifting in through there.










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