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December 19, 2006

SW KS Winter Storm Dec 19-20 [post 5]

Filed under: Dec 19-20, 2006,General Weather & Forecasting — Mike U @ 10:38 pm

Late evening update.  Well, I got home from work with the temperature around 33°F here in Dodge City with light rain falling… I had my bowling league this evening (finally shot a freaking 600 series after three consecutive nights of 520s) and the temperature was falling slowly to around 30° with a bunch of rain moving in from the panhandles.  On the short drive home from bowling, there was certainly an accumulation of ice on the tree branches and other exposed surfaces here in Dodge, but not terribly thick.  The temperature has notched back up 1 degree to 31° at 10pm, and there is a very significant area of precipitation moving into Southwest Kansas.  I think we will continue to slowly warm to 32F over the next couple of hours…then to above freezing sometime overnight, and we’ll melt the ice here in Dodge… the same cannot be said farther southwest though, where a very significant accumulation of ice continues…and will continue through much of the night in the Liberal, Elkhart, and Garden City areas it would appear.  Here is a regional radar mosaic from around 10pm CST with a little annotation of where it is rain vs. freezing rain.  The yellow star is Dodge City:

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