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High Plains Drifter

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December 26, 2006

Perhaps Third Time’s A Charm?

Filed under: General Weather & Forecasting — Mike U @ 11:50 pm

In the following two images, the yellow star denotes where I live — Dodge City, KS.  The two images are visible satellite images following two of this season’s major winter storms up until now. 

November 30:  A classic progressive cyclone that left a swath of very heavy snow…upwards of a foot to 18" over portions of north-central Oklahoma through southeastern Kansas into central Missouri.  My family back home in Johnson County, KS received about 8".  Dodge City = 0.4"


December 19-20:  A big storm that exploded and remain nearly stationary for over a day over the central High Plains.  We got a lot of rain here in Dodge, much of it being freezing rain with up to 1/4" of ice accumulation on trees.  With this storm, it was just too warm for too long here in Dodge, and the major, prolonged lift in the cold air was over eastern Colorado where 10-25" fell.  The "Holiday 2006 Blizzard" brought Denver to a standstill with I-70 closed from Salina to Denver at one point because of no more lodging available along the interstate for stranded travelers.  Dodge City = 0.1"


0 for 2.   And these two were a big two.  The young 2006-07 winter season is quite interesting up to this point with a large scale circulation pattern favoring strong Southwest Lows so far.  You’d think one of these darn things would bring a nice bout of snow for me here in Dodge. 

The 3rd one is coming.  Yet another *major* Southwest Low will develop and head towards Southwest Kansas.  Once again, it will draw up significant warm air up towards my location…thus quite a bit of rain appears to be on track… but will the low bomb-out to the south and provide significant snow on the backside for Dodge City… or will the low wind up and occlude to the west like the last storm?  Stay tuned.  Either way, it looks like another major precipitation event for Southwest Kansas…which is quite the rarity this time of year.

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