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High Plains Drifter

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June 13, 2005

ChaseTrip Day 9: Kent County, TX Tornadofest!!

Filed under: Chase Accounts,Chase Trip 2005,Storm Chasing — storm300 @ 11:36 am

I chased with Jay Antle and Matt Crowther, along with Jim Leonard on June 12th. Once the tornado frenzy ensued, Jim Leonard did his own thing, as usual, and got some spectacular video of the large cone with the collar cloud from hell. Jay, Matt, and I remained on Hwy 208 the whole time, and observed the large cone from a distance (after the first truncated cone >> stovepipe event (1 or 2 tornadoes?) in lower contrast before wrapping in rain. Right after this, we figured we needed to keep going south to get out of the CG barrage and forward flank rain (shear vector had some northerly component)… and this decision cost us the following wedge… as we began to note awesome inflow tail to the growing supercell due southwest.

We immediately targetted the southern supercell west-southwest of Clairemont. In retrospect, given the awesome structure of this updraft, I don’t regret missing the wedge stage (the wedge could have only been seen from quite close, from some of the other chasers’ images I’ve seen with very low to the ground collar cloud). The southern supercell updraft structure…before it became the dominant storm…was just an awesome barrel. I got some pretty decent stills of the updraft from CR 440 just off of Hwy 70 southeast of Clairemont. This storm rapidly became very interesting with large occluded wall cloud and probable weak tornado. Several other classic tornadoes followed as we headed southeast on Hwy 70 as the "hordes" of chasers were beginning to catch back up with us… since we were out ahead of most everyone. I got stills of everything except the large cone since we were in a poor photography location… did get good zoomed in video though. Great day!

Off to the mountains for a couple days with Jay before hopefully catching some Colorado/Wyoming storms Wed-Thurs before my vacation ends.

It was great chasing with Matt Crowther and Jim Leonard… thanks for the awesome fun guys.

crudely processed digital photography

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