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High Plains Drifter

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December 29, 2006

High Plains Winter Storm Dec 29-30 [post 5]

Filed under: Dec 29-30, 2006,General Weather & Forecasting — Mike U @ 11:36 am

Front finally moved through.   It’s mid morning now on Friday and the front moved through here not too long after 9:00 am.  Temperatures are falling fast here in Dodge City now on north winds 15-20 mph.  The 32°F line is working its way southeast slowly…however, colder air continues to build in northeastern Colorado with lower 20s now in the northeastern Colorado high plains.  Winds will pick up significantly through the day in far western KS, driving the 30°F isotherm deeper into Southwest Kansas… and it looks like a very messy night west of a line from Scott City to Garden City to Liberal.  Below is the 10:00 am surface map:

 Bright Band.   As the heavy precipitation moved into northwestern Kansas this morning, a pronounced "bright-band" of 50-60 dBZ appeared east of Goodland.  This is caused when snowflakes are falling through a layer of the atmosphere that is at or just barely above freezing…where large snowflakes are trying to melt, but not completely.  Heavy sleet also usually appears as a "bright band" on radar. 

Lightning strikes!  The time is 11:30am, and we are getting an old-fashioned thunderstorm now in Dodge City with a temperature of 37°F.  The snow and winter >>  so close, yet so far away……….

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