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High Plains Drifter

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December 30, 2006

High Plains Winter Storm Dec 29-30 [post 6]

Filed under: Dec 29-30, 2006,General Weather & Forecasting — Mike U @ 12:28 am

Major problems west of Liberal-Garden City-Dighton in SW KS.   I got home around 11pm or so just as we were dropping to 32°F here in Dodge City.  The rain is now beginning to freeze on exposed tree limbs, metal objects, and much of my Jeep.  The temperature will continue to drop to around 29 or 30 by sunrise… and if it keeps raining for much of the night… we will have some major icing problems even here in Dodge City.  I think the rain, however, will be more widely scattered than it was during the day Friday, so I doubt we will see serious ice accumulations.  That could change though.  Boy, out west though… wow.  The snow line made it as far east as an Elkhart to Johnson to Scott City line by Friday evening.  During the afternoon… a couple spotter reports indicated 6 to 8" of snow with some significant drifting  about 5 miles or less from the Colorado border.  East of there.. the reports were far less with little accumulation of snow… as the primary precip type was freezing rain or sleet.  By evening…another huge burst of precipitation developed and moved northwestward into the cold air.  As temperatures plummetted to 28°F in the Dighton and Scott City areas… the 2.5" or more worth of rain that fell previously had begun to froze…with heavy sleet and snow developing in those areas.  As I type now… significant snow/sleet/freezing rain is falling west of Meade-Dodge City-Hays line.  In northwestern Kansas… well what can I say… they are true winners for this storm with regards to snow and wind… that and southeastern Colorado.  Numerous 12-15" reports with 6-8 foot drifts on 30-50 mph north winds.  Wow! 

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