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High Plains Drifter

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December 30, 2006

High Plains Winter Storm Dec 29-30 [post 7]

Filed under: Dec 29-30, 2006,General Weather & Forecasting — Mike U @ 7:34 am

ICE ICE and WIND!!  I just woke up at 7am after about 4.5 hours of sleep… to find a significant amount of ice accumulation on everything here on the north side of Dodge City.  Temperature is around 30°F and still dropping… with a long stream of moisture moving to the west-northwest per radar.  We are aboutt to get into some moderate precipitation… most likely freezing rain… and with a driving north wind of 25 to 40 mph… we may see some huge problems as we head deeper into the morning here in Dodge.  West of here, I can only imagine the mess… everything must be at a stand-still by now with huge amounts of ice accumulation and sleet.  Everywhere west of Dodge City-Meade-Hays where it rained 2.5" or more… has now just about completely frozen!  Yikes!   We will remain in this narrow stream of precipitation for quite awhile it looks like as it essentially "trains" over the area.

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