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High Plains Drifter

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February 25, 2007

Central Plains Winter Storm Feb 23-24 [9]

Filed under: Feb 23-24, 2007,General Weather & Forecasting — Mike U @ 10:59 am

. . . Peak wind gust reports across eastern Colorado and western Kansas on the 24th . . .

Location Peak
Gust (mph)
Cheyenne Wells, CO 82 Storm spotter measured
Hays, KS 75 AWOS
La Junta, CO 74 ASOS
Elkhart, KS 72 AMOS
Hill City, KS 69 ASOS
Springfield, CO 69 ASOS
Akron, CO 68 ASOS
Limon, CO 68 ASOS
Scott City, KS 68 AWOS
Hugoton, KS 67 AWOS
Ulysses, KS 67 AWOS
Johnson, KS 66 AWOS
Garden City, KS 66* ASOS
Dodge City, KS 64 ASOS
Sheridan Lake, CO 64 Storm spotter measured
Lamar, CO 64 ASOS
Hoxie, KS 63 Storm spotter measured
Liberal, KS 63 AWOS
Leoti, KS 62 Mesonet
Burlington, CO 62 ASOS

* Garden City observations were manually taken for 3 hours during the
wind storm and gusts were not reported, so peak wind could have been
higher than 66 mph.

. . . Blizzard criteria met at automated weather observation stations over the central High Plains . . .

of Automated Surface Observation
of Blizzard (Hrs)
Limon, CO 9.5 1020-1955
Akron, CO 7 1233-1925
Ainsworth, NE 7 1711-0011
Thedford, NE 6 1411-2011
North Platte, NE 5.75 1418-2004
Goodland, KS 4.25 1657-2116
Lamar, CO 3.25 1527-1841
La Junta, CO 3 1446-1753
Burlington, CO 3 1253-155

Note of interest:
  Immediately west of the low in western
central Kansas, blizzard conditions were reported from Hays to Rush
Center to Larned during the late afternoon hours, however, the band of
snow was rather narrow, and conditions lasted less than 3 hours, not
officially meeting blizzard criteria, but came close in some areas.

Addendum:  I was wrong, I found out that this corridor from Hays to Rush Center to Larned did indeed meet blizzard criteria after looking through our logs at work.  Several reports of 3 to 4 hours of less than 1/4 mile visibility in snow and blowing snow to go along with the 50+ mph wind gusts. 


  1. Great info Mike! That’s pretty interesting to see 9.5 hours of blizzard conditions. I am so glad I backed out of chasing Kansas!

    Comment by Tony Laubach — February 26, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

  2. Yeah, Tony… we just missed it here in Dodge… I have to tweak this post though because the stretch from Hays to LaCrosse to Larned did indeed receive less than 1/4 mile or less visibility for 3 or 4 hours verifying blizzard criteria.. just over a narrow stretch, it was quite interesting.

    Comment by Mike U — February 27, 2007 @ 9:58 am

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