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March 17, 2007

Arizona & Royals Spring Training [1]

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High Heat and Billy Butler.  I’m out in Arizona this weekend with friends from home (Overland Park) watching spring training baseball… our team the Royals (no jokes or I’ll slap you).  Anyway, after a big giant cluster F&%( fiasco with our flight out here (pushed back because of over-booking), we arrived in Phoenix Friday morning.  The Royals played the Mariners in Peoria, however it was mainly the "junior varsity" Royals team out there, since the "A" team usually doesn’t travel and play away game.  Billy Butler was in the lineup though, and if you haven’t heard of him before… well he will likely be a household name in a few years with the Royals.  He had two smash doubles and two walks, despite the loss.  That was really the only bright spot in yesterday’s game.  Oh my god it was hot… the high yesterday was 99°F!!  That was good enough for a record, indeed, and was one degree away from tying the all-time March record in Phoenix of 100 degrees.  A far cry from the frosty lower 30s we had in KC in the early morning before our flight.

Billy Butler standing on third with Matt Tupman at the plate, as Mariners' pitcher delivers to the plate.

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