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March 19, 2007

Arizona & Royals Spring Training [2]

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Gordon, Rock Chalk, and more Heat!  The short trip to Arizona has come to a conclusion.  I’m sitting at our departure gate with Jon, David, and Lori getting ready to head to Denver for our connection back to Kansas City.  It was certianly a fun, but short trip.  On Saturday, we watched the Royals practice in the late morning, which was the best opportunity to get closer to the players.  I was able to get some good photos at practice with my 80-400mm lens.  After practice we headed to the game which was at 1pm.  Gil Meche pitched — his first couple innings were alright before he got shelled in the 4th.  Saturday evening we met up with friends of Lori (David’s wife) who live in the Tempe area.  We hung out around Mill & University, the "hotspot" so-to-speak for college nightlife.  Anyway, on Sunday (yesterday), we tried to get both Royals baseball and KU basketball in despite both playing at the same time.  The Royals were playing the Giants in Scottsdale, and the plan was to catch about 3 innings of the ball game before high-tailing it to a nearby bar to watch KU vs. Kentucky.  A bar called the "Upper Deck" in Scottsdale is a KU alumni watch party location, but since it was packed we found another location in Scottsdale to watch the game.  KU won, Alex Gordon hit a homerun towards the beginning of the ball game (which I got a great photo of, see below!), so it was quite the good day yesterday.  More record heat in Phoenix on Saturday — 2nd straight day of 99°F for a high.  The temperatures will be returning to more normal readings in the 70s later this week after we’re gone… of course!

The Alex Gordon homerun swing.  Alex drove a line-drive over the right field fence against the Giants in the 2nd inning on March 18th. 

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