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High Plains Drifter

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June 28, 2005

Mid-shift doldrums..

Filed under: Photography — Mike U @ 4:27 am

Just a quick little post here to break the silence of this blahhhg. I’m on the “A” shift right now… just one more left after this morning! I have Thursday and Friday off, which I will likely spend around Dodge tidying up my apartment, doing more photography post processing, and working on my resume. That’s right, working on my resume. Back in January, when I applied for a vacancy opening at the Topeka NWS office, I learned quickly that half-a**ing your resume doesn’t get you very far, regardless of what name recognition you may have. So, I will be rebuilding my resume from ground up.

One of my good friends, Evan Bookbinder (NWS Springfield) just recently got selected Lead Forecaster at Pleasant Hill. The rumor mill is that a Journeyman slot will be coming available at P-Hill in the next couple weeks… which I would more than likely put a bid in for…. hence my extra movitation to get my resume re-built ;-)

Not much else is going on, Jeepie is still in Clayton being worked on, and the big question on my mind is whether I’ll get it back in time for my trip to Branson (to visit my favorite relatives!) the weekend of July 16-17th. (I’ve posted a couple of processed photographs from the chase trip)

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