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June 28, 2007

Late-June Chase Trip (Day 7): Big Horn Mts upslope chasing

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We intercepted a couple marginally severe storms near the Kaycee, WY area south of Buffalo.  We actually sat at a location with a good view just about one mile east of I-25 a few miles south of Buffalo for a couple hours as updraft towers percolated through the late afternoon. One such tower grew into a decent little storm updraft which showed signs of weak rotation both visually and on radar.  Another storm that formed east of Thermopolis had much more mass to it and we actually thought about intercepting that one as it revealed a nice inflow notch on radar…but it didn’t last long…and we ultimately chased the smaller storm to our immediate northwest as it approached I-25.  This storm went severe briefly and had a decent scalloped updraft base for awhile…but as other storms formed again to the immediate southwest…our original storm died.  None of this activity was supercellular in nature, but as sunset approached, we had some very nice colors with the convective looking sky to the east including a small truncated rainbow with a little bluff in the foreground.  I even got a couple CG lightning photos looking off to the distant east.  Back to the northwest, another small, but pretty updraft developed over the Big Horns in the twilight sky.  We sat at a location on I-25 just southeast of Kaycee for quite awhile as Vince time lapsed this interesting little storm that showed brief backsheared anvil and nice looking flanking line updrafts.  We headed back to Buffalo after this storm died and our light faded.

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  1. We were in the same exact area, but we caught the most intense double rainbow any of us had ever seen. It lasted nearly half an hour, and resembled a multi-colored laser firing down out of the sky. We then watched lighting to our south until well after dark. A nice collection of storms!

    Comment by Mark Rosengarten — July 11, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

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