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September 2, 2005

The Humanitarian Catastrophe

Filed under: Editorial — Mike U @ 4:43 am

The Katrina Aftermath and New Orleans. This is no longer a natural disaster. This has rapidly spiralled into easily the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the history of this great country.

It’s 4:30 am, and I just finished listening to a recorded interview from Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans himself, on the WWL radio station from NO. It is now Day 4 of this crisis and the anger and frustration from the mayor of NO has grown to a boiling point. It was the most frightening, to-the-point “slamming” of the entire governmental chain of the United States I have ever heard, regarding the complete inept in utilizing all the resources capable to SAVE LIVES. The mayor cussed. He has completely lost faith in the entire governmental chain from State to Federal.

He is right. What the hell is going on here? Cable news network reporters in the field are saying the SAME THING!! An interview of the LA Governer by Anderson Cooper had the same tone.. Where is the HELP??!? All this talk but no action, and it was Thursday… The hurricane made landfall MONDAY MORNING.

It has gotten to the point now, that the death rate among those still left out there grows exponentially with every passing hour. Hundreds, to perhaps THOUSANDS of lives that otherwise would have been SAVED had a plan been in place. It appears as if there is no ultimate plan, no one single leader to head up this plan… There are “too many cooks in the kitchen” as Mayor Nagin has said.

Obviously, the scale of this disaster has stretched resources extremely thin. It doesn’t help that we spend billions and billions and BILLIONS supporting an Iraq mission that in and of itself has many questions. What’s left for US?? US being home… The United States. Clearly, we are a nation prone to extreme national disasters. Though events like this are rare, maybe 100 or 200 year events, they happen. There is simply NOT ENOUGH THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX in American Government. And it disturbs me.

In the words of Mayor Nagin,
“New Orleans will never be the same……………………..”


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