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High Plains Drifter

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April 10, 2008

Spring Snowstorm Chase: April 10, 2008 [post 9]

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mike U @ 3:43 pm

Not a whole lot of significant excitement to report this afternoon.  There has been probably 4-5" of snowFALL around North Platte, but current snowDEPTH is barely 3".  I drove around town and photographed some snow scenics around a couple of the city parks here in North Platte.  Then I drove northwest of town about 6-8 miles or so.  The wind started to pick up quite a bit around 3pm, gusting to 40 mph at times.  Blowing snow was rather widespread over the open areas and really increased the snowpack over the east-west and southeast-northwest oriented roads.  Some near-blizzard conditions were experienced at times.  I am back at the motel room now, as it is still snowing moderately out there.  It sure looks like north of here into the Sandhills got the most snow based on radar data.  Later on this evening I’ll post a few pics.

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