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December 7, 2009

12/8/09 Winter Storm: Snow to begin in earnest shortly after midnight

Filed under: General Weather & Forecasting,chase mode updates — Mike U @ 9:44 pm

The latest RUC model solutions seem to suggest that persistent 2 and 3-star snows should begin around or shortly after midnight here in Dodge City.  Both the Amarillo and Dodge City doppler radars are showing widespread precipitation in the 7,000 to 21,000 foot layer in the troposphere…  There are only a few periods so far when some of this heavier snow aloft briefly reaches the surface.  Below is an excellent example of the radar revealing snow in this layer (a characteristic donut-hole appearance around the radar site) as the radar beam shoots through these altitudes as the radar beam travels away from Dodge City.  I annotated approximate range rings at the point where the radar beam enters the precipitation at about 7,000 foot elevation (roughly 25 miles downrange) and exits the precipitation-bearing cloud at approximately 21,000 foot elevation (roughly 70 miles downrange).  My updated thinking for total snowfall here in Dodge City is 3-5″ with the heaviest occurring between 6am and 3pm Tuesday.


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