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December 8, 2009

12/8/09 Winter storm: 2.2″ snow at the house (5 N Dodge City)

Filed under: General Weather & Forecasting,chase mode updates — Mike U @ 8:52 am

2.2″ snowfall as of 7:00am. The dry intrusion has hit… and it is only snowing very lightly at this time.  There is an even 2.2″ of accumulation on the driveway.  There really isn’t much wind to speak of either.  The worst of the wind will occur later this evening once the low moves east of here, but by that time falling snow is expected to be long gone.  We may see another inch or perhaps 2″ as the next surge comes out of northeastern New Mexico… so a final of 3 or 4″ is probably reasonable for Dodge City.  I may take a few photos around the house later on today… but I’m going to catch more sleep for now.

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