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December 8, 2009

12/8/09 Winter storm: mid-latitude cyclone maturing over Central Plains

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3.0″ total snowfall as of 2:45pm… and likely no additional accumulating snow. This will probably be the last post regarding the meteorology of this event.  On water vapor imagery, it certainly appears the primary mid level vorticity max (denoted by the red “X”) is tracking a bit farther to the north.  This has kept Dodge City dry after the last band moved rapidly through around Noon.  Classic dry intrusion… actually two of them (denoted by the yellow arrows).  Much farther to the south where the major dry intrusion is ejecting out into Texas, a significant wind storm is occurring with widespread 60 to 70 mph winds being reported in gusts across West Texas.  Guadalupe Pass is even experiencing some 100 mph gusts at times.  As of the valid time of the surface charts below, the surface vorticity center was located near Coldwater, KS.  Nice surface baroclinicity with 11°F at Springfield, CO (far southeast CO) and 62°F at Lubbock, TX.  Fascinating storm system, even though I pretty much got shafted here in Dodge City as compared to other snow lovers northeast of here!




  1. Mike,
    As the dry intrusion moved into Texas…did you happen to see the gravity waves moving over top the lower clouds? I believe the surface reflection of that feature showed up in the pressure traces for both AMA and BGD.

    Pretty neat!

    Comment by Charles Dalton — December 10, 2009 @ 1:33 am

  2. are these caused by cold fronts?

    Comment by tim — February 22, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

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